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10 Year anniversary School of the Prophets

July 23, 2012 at 11:38 AM



People came from India, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the whole of Sweden to be with the 10 year anniversary. Prophet The school began with a visit from Yeshua for 10 years since 2002. I was in a grocery store and suddenly I knew a strong presence of God, I looked up and there stood Yeshua. The Lord began speaking to me and after 8 weeks was started the first school of the prophets. The International Profet school has always had apostolic standard in appearance and a prophetic edge. As an example, when Sweden changed the government in 2006, prophet Mikael recived this word in the middle of the meeting: "A shift has taken place in the spirit realm all over Sweden tonight." Later that night we found out that Sweden has a new government. Over the years, scores of people also become liberated and healed in the International School of the Prophets, we can remember many a strong miracles, for example when a lady with a paralyzed right leg rose from her wheelchair. The International Prophet School has trained thousands from all over Scandinavia into the Apostolic and Prophetic. 

In the picture below you see a Jubilee cake.


The teaching was about divine authority and how to walk in it.


God had given Mikael Enroos a new song called: The Eagles Year of Jubilee 




The preaching and the music was much appreciated.



We look forward to 10 more years for the International School of the Prophets. This weekend was a inspiration for the coming year and we will never forget this weekend. It has been wonderful!



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