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Thousands of people on the 50th annual anniversary

July 05, 2012 at 4:58 AM


It was a fantastic 50th Year Anniversary in Ghana, West Africa. Thousands of people were gathered from several nations on this International Christian Conference, where also politicians with high positions and ministers participated. I had the privilege to have a private appointment with one of the ministers.

In the picture on the left I arrive at the airport late at night in Accra, the capital of Ghana. I was warmly welcomed. On the International Conference both the vice and the current president have been guests of honor so the expectations were extremely high on what God was going to do.




Before traveling to the area where the conference was held I rested and prepared for a couple of days in Accra at a nice hotel. I met different pastors and servants of the Lord during these days.




Here in the picture below we are on a bridge that crosses the famous Volta River. On arriving to the city there are approximately 700 dancers out on the streets dancing, singing and inviting the inhabitants of the city to the 50th year anniversary. It was a very nice experience to see this.




From the right: Bishop Borkuma, I (Mikael), a national Pastor Reginald Sarku and Apostle Martin Nuako. Martin was on this trip and is as many of you know a close friend of ours. He also serves on our Board of Advisors.


The arrival to the conference was fantastic. There were approximately 400 dancers that welcomed us with music and different speeches. The welcoming ceremony in itself lasted for about one and a half hour. I have never experienced anything like it. In the pictures you can see a cloak which I received as a guest of honour and the keynote speaker for the 50th year anniversary. This cloak is given customary to people with high standing: royalties, ministers and people who have achieved remarkable things in life et cetera.


This was not an evangelism campaign but a 50th year anniversary for an International Christian Conference. There were no facilities that could accommodate the thousands of participants, so everything was organized outdoors. It was very much the same people who participated in the meetings. The Word went forth in the power of the Holy Spirit and was accompanied by signs and wonders. The first night I call forward all the sick and those who need deliverance from evil spirits. I lay my hands (according to Mark. 16:18) on over 2500 people the first night. Afterwards, lots of people testified how they were healed and delivered. The week after the conference, people went back to the bishop to bear witness to what Yeshua had done. The second evening there were only up 40 people for healing and deliverance. Thank you Yeshua, what a breakthrough!



Here in the pictures we see thousands who want to be ministered to. A wonderful presence of Yeshua changed people in depth and many testified about inner healing.



Bishop Borkuma and the leadership raise their hands to God when they see what Yeshua does.



There are politicians and highly placed people on the left of the picture. A politician invited me personally back to Ghana. This 50th year anniversary was in many ways amazing. One reason for this was that the government and top politicians sat and listened to the gospel.



The Lord's words to the nation Ghana was prophesied and the preaching was all about seeing the whole picture of what God wants to do in the country.


I was privileged to meet with Minister Amenonvode from the government that I had conversations with. The Word of the Lord came to this minister and I prophesied over his life and the nation of Ghana. We also prayed together. These talks were of great significance and were very blessed.



Many new contacts were made during this trip and old contacts resumed. I am called back to Ghana in late 2012 when I will be the keynote speaker in a 30th year anniversary. I will then take the opportunity to travel around a bit in the country. Here below you have the opportunity to watch a video clip from the trip. Click here



Shalom, Mikael Enroos



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