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New leader at Kraftkällan

March 30, 2014 at 5:23 AM




Sanna Enroos new headleader at Kraftkällan

"Kraftkällan will develop, be strengthened and enters a new fantastic season"

For some time I have known in my spirit that we are facing changes and now the Lord has spoken with a clear voice and it has been backed up through several prophetic signs. Now is the time to make this change and I want as a servant of the Lord say this about Kraftkällan's new leader Sanna Enroos . I've seen her spiritual development for the past 10 years and have been impressed with how this woman of God has been faithful and has gone through all the trials without wavering even once. The trials Kraftkällan has gone through would get most of the leaders to give up for a long long time ago, this has been said through many . In return , a price has been paid for being in the prophets mantle and the apostolic mantle. The last few years have also revelation of the  Hebrew roots been revealed in a unique way . Ephesians says in 2:20 that the Church is built on foundation of the Apostles and Prophets , the cornerstone of which is the Messiah (Christ) . The woman of God Sanna Enroos have God himself anointed with the Holy Spirit and power to lead Kraftkällan with the prophets mantle and apostolic teaching through the light of the cornerstone - Messiah (Christ), the Hebrew roots in a balanced way. In doing so, Kraftkällan is under a strong development and is strengthened. Kraftkällan will step into a new fantastic season !

All of you are warmly welcome to this feast at Kraftkällan 5th april 3pm, when we set apart Sanna Enroos. A part of the spiritual board of Kraftkällan will be present to witness and be part of this great blessing.
In the Lord's service,
Mikael Enroos

What will Mikael Enroos to do?
This change frees Mikael to focus on international efforts such as the International conferences, training leaders , developing the International School of the Prophets , Healing Miracle ministry , raise one million millionaires in Yeshua (Jesus) , Satellite TV work, etc.
Mikael Enroos will continue to teach and preach at the power source and as the next step to raise up a prayer army through the prophetic prayer meetings on Mondays.
Mikael Enroos remains as  the Bishop and Senior Prophet as he is ordained to since 2003, which means he oversees the whole work and ministry and supports Prophet Sanna Enroos in the power source work in Scandinavia.



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