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Prophecy about revival in Sweden

December 18, 2012 at 1:41 AM


During the Healing Miracle Hour 08.12.2012 a glory from God came very strongly during a meeting. People were not even able to move from the floor, they where stuck by the Spirit of God. After that the Lord started to speak about the revival that will come to Sweden...

Mikael Enroos (on the picture)

Prophecy to Sweden:
The Lord is saying right now to me that you will know what revival is and you will know how revival functions and you will experience revival in this nation. A true spiritual Holy Ghost revival, where the   Father is pouring out His anointing from the throne of God over a nation, over a people and you will see the dead be raised in Sweden.

It will be a shock for the religious people but it will be the salvation of this nation because I’m raising the speed and time for this nation. The Lord will take you higher. It’s time to start to walk with God in a new dimension, in a new level. God is giving you grace to walk in the spirit more than you have done until this day. God is giving you grace right now to walk in the spirit more than you have done all of your life together.

God is giving you grace to walk in the anointing of the Holy Ghost more than you thought was           possible. God will fill your house with His glory. He will anoint your hands, your tongue, your eyes,       your ears and sometimes when you look at people the anointing will come out of your eyes like         flaming fire and those who you look at will be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost instantly. They   will be healed, delivered from demons and they will start to scream with a loud voice they will come     out of their bodies, the demons that have bound the people of this nation.

Don’t be discouraged if you have seen few xxx xxx xxxx xx place lately. There is some people God   cannot get here and there are others, He says, “You can’t go”. But the time will come when many       will come and you will be their example in humbleness, in love, in grace, in forgiveness, in mercy, in   holiness, in purity. You will be their example in the anointing.

I can see flames of fire coming upon the heads of the people exactly in the same way as it is described in the Acts. They will start to talk in new tongues, they will prophecy. They will be accused of being drunk. But then a Peter will rise up and say: “These people are not drunk but they are filled with the Holy Ghost.” It will be as in the Acts. It will be so similar to what happened in the Acts. The thing that happened with Ananias and Sapphira will also take place in the Swedish revival. I can see right now like Peter was put into jail because he spoke the truth ,there will be a man of God in this nation that will be put into jail in a similar way. But the church will pray and the angels will open the doors and shake that prison. It will be so similar. It will be so similar! As it was in the Acts.

That the body of Messiah around Europe will come into great fear of God when they hear what is happening in a place that they thought was a desert. I can see Yeshua walking around with a smile on his face because the Father has spoken that the time comes when Sweden will be shaken. The dead will be raised, the lame will walk, the blind will see, the deaf will hear. You will be in the midst of it because you have gone through great trials. God is seeking people that He can trust. Thank you Holy Spirit that you take them, that you take these people, closer to your throne. That they will synchronize with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Ghost in a new way, in a new way.

Suddenly, oil will start to drip upon your head and on the inside you’ll be filled with the heat of God. It’s not a normal heat, it is the heat of revival. It’s the intensity of souls that will be born again. God will put His intensity inside of your heart so that you will never become passive again. The bondage that Satan has put upon the body of Messiah of Sweden is apathy. But you will have the heat inside. You will be different and that difference will create a contrast, like living people are from dead people.  But with your contrast you will tear down the strongholds of religiosity and you will bring back the Spirit of the Holy Ghost to the church again, to the people again and you will prophecy life to dead bones. Holy, holy is the Lord. Holy, holy is the Lord. Sanctified is His name and pure is His word and that word will tabernacle inside of you. And you will become unbeatable. A standard that has not been seen, anointing that is unheard of, an experience similar to Acts. This is the prophetic word for Sweden. Those who have ears, hear what the Spirit says to the congregation in Sweden.



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