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TV broadcast to 53 nations

April 21, 2013 at 6:17 AM

Mikael Enroos was in a TV broadcast to 53 nations. Gospel Channel Television in Iceland has been broadcasting for 20 years and the founder Erik Erikson is truly a man of faith. This TV channel is an instrument of the Holy Spirit. God has chosen to have the TV channel in Iceland with only 310,000 inhabitants. I believe God will use Iceland in a fantastic way in the end-time revival. I was pleasantly surprised by the freedom that is in the spirit realm over Iceland.


The Holy Spirit's gifts of grace flowed strongly in the programs. The telephone switchboard was flooded with calls from people with great needs. We prayed for prayer requests, spoke of God's favor, His anointing and spoke prophetically into different situations. In the picture below you see Mikael Enroos who prophesies to millions of viewers.


The special thing with the live broadcasts was that Erik Erikson decided for the first time to broadcast all three channels in conjunction. Gospel TV has three channels that broadcast in different places but now everything was sent to all the three channels reaching 53 nations. In the studio was also Mattias Lekardal leading the program evenings.  We had live broadcast for seven hours for a total of two nights. Hundreds of words of knowledge and wisdom from the Lord flowed in a strong anointing to millions of viewers. In the picture below you see the studio participants from the live broadcasts.


It was absolutely amazing to be a part of what God is doing through Gospel TV. We have received good feedback from the broadcasts. People have experienced healing, deliverance and received words from the Lord in an amazing way. Below in the picture, we see Mikael Enroos proclaiming God's Anointed Word to millions of viewers.




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