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The Prophets Mikael and Sanna Enroos

In the year 2000, Mikael Enroos travelled intensively to Russia to preach in various assemblies. When he disembarked from the train on his way home in Kallhäll, Järfälla, he experienced suddenly as though the Spirit of revival incubated over the northern region of Stockholm. The Lord said: "Something can be birth forth here." Mr. Enroos replied: "Yes, Lord, it certainly can", without thinking that he himself would be involved. At the time, Mikael Enroos was solely focused on traveling to the nations. The same thing happened three times. After the third time, Mr. Enroos began to sense that perhaps the Lord spoke to him. One time he looked at the People's Community Centre in Kallhäll, and in an open vision, he saw how the fire of God came out of one of its windows. The Lord spoke at the same moment and said: "Start to have meetings." After a few months, he held the first meeting. The Power Source started in 2001.

YHWH's Revival Centre (former Power Source) is an apostolic base with a prophetic sword. YHWH's Revival Centre is a dynamic place with an immense love for people. It is an apostolic resource centre and has from its founding always been open to the whole body of the Messiah. In the congregation, we see people come from all associations for a visit or education. We have also always had people from different countries as members or in training.

YHWH's Revival Centre has proven to be a clear pioneer of the prophet mantle, apostolic teaching and healing miracles in Scandinavia. It is led by Mikael and Sanna Enroos who have elders helping the vision in different ways. The leadership also includes a board of advisors who come from different parts of the body of Messiah. Mikael and Sanna Enroos also have an extensive network of servants of the Lord whom they cooperate with throughout several nations.

A Place for the Whole Familyfrsamlingen1.jpg

YHWH's Revival Centre is a place for the whole family and all ages. The aim among others is that the family and the individual get a hold of the blessing of God and call on their lives.

A Place with challenges
YHWH's Revival Centre is a place where one will be challenged to walk and grow in one's life of faith. Everyone needs to be and come into the service of the Lord.

The Vision

The full restoration of the deep relationship with the Messiah, the Anointed One. Live and walk like Yeshua and see His works in the nations.

• Establishing believers through the anointed Word of God.

YHWH's Revival Centre is known for its strong teaching of the Word of God and has an apostolic and prophetic foundation. The anointed Word of God establishes your life for living in the kingdom of God which consists of power. The teachings are spread to Scandinavia and many nations.

• Equipping believers for service in spirit and power.

One of YHWH's Revival Centre's visions is to equip believers for ministry. Through Bible teaching and the International School of the Prophets among other things. YHWH's Revival Centre equips people in a unique anointing by an apostolic and prophetic mandate.

frsamlingen2.jpgCentral to the vision of YHWH's Revival  Centre is 2 Cor. 5:17-18 and everything is based on the revelation of whom we are as new creations in Yeshua the Messiah, God's Son, through the atoning work on Calvary. Another central part of the vision is to be ministers of reconciliation which is given to every believer by Yeshua the Messiah. That means leading people back into fellowship with God through the Holy Spirit's power and anointing.

Enroos International Ministry is the international work of the congregation consisting of conferences, seminars and missionary work extending to several nations. We work with pastors around the world for renewal and the fire of revival being released in assemblies, and to see a restoration of God's revival army.