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There is nothing sweeter than being in the anointing! I was completely full when I should go home from the meeting on Power Source Church. Afterwards, I noticed that God has done a great work inside me. It's a new ingredient of security, peace and strength. The day after the meeting, the anointing was so strong in the car on the way home from kindergarten that we had to sit in the car for about 1 ½ hours. God's power came over my son and he was suddenly lots of questions and thoughts about God, Yeshua, heaven, angels etc. We had a deep conversation and it was like talking to an adult who seemed to understand everything I said. I'm sitting at work and I am full of God's power. I've never been in any place where God's power and anointing is so strong that at the Power Source. I was completely dazed after the meeting. My life has been transformed since I came to the Power Source. M.J


I do not know what happened to me but my personality has completely changed. It has happened something truly wonderful! Earlier I never had anything to say but was always quiet with people. Everything was just chaos in my mind. I just looked outside my own life and was so used to the thought that God does not have anything for me. Now my life is changing in incredible pace. I can no longer keep me quiet. I have also experienced tremendous vindication when it comes to my past. Previously I was always depressed and sad when I thought of my childhood. I experienced such heavy sorrow for all my life in any way. Yesterday I tried to imagine what kind it was in childhood, but could not! Everything was deleted! No sorrow, no trauma, nothing negative. Now I feel that I belong to the heavenly people. I do not understand how this has happened to me. I am so incredibly grateful to God and Sanna who have believed in me. Her patience has helped me so much. Thank God for His indescribable love!



I was for the first time at Power Source some time ago. It was a fantastic experience. I was incredibly blessed. This has been in my entire working week. In addition, I experienced something new was happening inside me. I prayed for healing and it has really been happening something new. The whole evening was so amazing. Sermon by Mikael Enroos was really something to take note of. It grabbed me. Finally Healing Miracle Hour started. I was a little scared when I saw all fall. The heart was pounding on me. Never thought I would find such an effect. But oh, oh, oh, I fell. And I received an inner healing. HalleluYah!


It is often the angelic visitations in our meetings that serve people in different ways. But we also have Yeshua n our midst. He goes among the people; I've seen it myself with my own eyes. I have also experienced how Yeshua put his hands on my shoulders and He has spoken in words of comfort to me. There is a marked difference in the anointing and presence of Yeshua. He himself is among us. Often, people fall of their chairs when Yeshua comes and touches them. I myself have been totally transformed. One can no longer live without Yeshua. R.J.


For me personally, I've got a new life, since I came to Power Source. A new spiritual life has started. Mikael Enroos teaching is so unique. It is completely different than other teaching. I just want to listen to it again and I get something to consider. The teaching sits really in my spirit and soul. It really takes hold of me. After I came to Power Source I have gained a greater understanding of the word and the word has become more powerful. R.S.


Where have you got a personal ministering as you get at Power Source??? I have never ever experienced anything like it. To receive a personal touching of Yeshua and the Holy Spirit, is something divine. That you get at Power Source. To wait for the Holy Spirit taking command of the meeting is what I always wanted. The Holy Spirit will be able to operate freely. It will be so exciting and fun! Anything can happen, what the Lord wants! G.L.


With all my heart I thank Yeshua for the three meetings. I have recently been at Power Source. All glory to Yeshua! Imagine sitting down and eating from a table spread with fat and marrow strong dishes. Imagine, getting to know the saturation of spirit, mind and body. How it feels to be touched by the anointing of the Holy Spirit cannot explain with words. It must be experienced. I do not know any other place where Yeshua is as strongly present as in Assembly of Power Source. God bless this church that does the deeds of Yeshua! F.H.


My wife and I are extremely grateful to Prophet Mikael and other leaders of the Assembly of Power Source! After our first visit we and our children were so filled with the Spirit of God in the car on the way home that we just bubbled. The children had not even been at the meeting but in the children's room. During the visits we made ​​in the church since then, including conferences, and when we read the instruction at home, we have seen how we have grown in our faith and our relationship with our Lord and Savior, Yeshua Messiah. I tell you it's worth traveling long distances. You will not be disappointed if you're hungry for more of the Lord. It's not just words but the word of God with power conveyed as it says in 1 Corinthians 4:20: "The kingdom of God consists not in words but in power." The miracles I've seen, I have never before experienced. However, it is the strong presence of God as I perceive as the most beautiful and its fruit, changed lives. I and my wife have been able to see more salvation in which a direct consequence of the meetings we visited and the teaching we have studied. I now have an absolute certainty that whatever the circumstances, I can be a carrier of revival fire and be used by God to the salvation and healing. We cannot thank you enough Power Source Church for what you have meant to us. H.J.




Since the deliverance in the service I have experienced an inner joy and peace that was so evident that it has become very clear to me that it is not about mind-mood or positive thinking or a good day or external circumstances. I have experienced that Yeshua lives in me quite clearly and in a way that not happened to me earlier. M.S

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I went to Sweden because of that I wanted and thirsted for the Word. When I went to Power Source Church, I got more than I expected and more than I could expect. I felt the freedom of the soul in me. At the second church service, I asked for healing from the disease I have had for a long time. I have a history of thick blood, a blood clot. I received my healing, which was visible already in the morning. A

Through a friend I got some teaching CDs to listen from Power Source Church. Since these CDs spoke right into my life, I was interested to visit Power Source. When I visited Power Source Church the Lord came to me very strongly by his Holy Spirit, through the service. I felt wonderful warmth in my head and in my soul. I decided to dedicate a week of vacation to be at these meetings. It was a very good decision. The prophetic words of revelation are very strong in Power Source. You become transformed. Even this time answered the Lord my prayers. Pleasant warmth flowed through my mind. I want to remain in the word I heard. I want to live the life that comes from Messiah. The prophecy I got over my life confirmed the words Lord have spoken me before. I.M

God has been active in my life during the prophetic dance school. It has been a very interesting process. My confidence has grown. I have repented from various things such as rebellion against God's word and got a new hunger for the Word. I won the fear of man and received the revelation of God-given boundaries of my and others' lives. I am so grateful to God that He will continue as long to become free! S.L.

Dance School has been traveling to and through deliverance and healing. Visions and dreams have been redeemed. Through dance, I have received God's love and new security and love have a release in my life. P.H.

People have used me for my life and because of that I have closed my heart to all. I have not allowed anyone to come in and love me. Then God began to open up my mind to receive His love, but when he came really close to shut myself totally to Him. Rather than opening up me, I closed my total and rebelled against God. God has touched me deeply and I have changed already a lot. I am so grateful to God and Sanna that she has been so obedient to the Lord. T.R.

I would like to thank you so much. I am happy to have ended up to Power Source, and I bless the Lord for this. I have deposits that I am not the same as I was before. So much has changed in my life. I feel that a total healing will. I.N

My prophetic calling was born forth and I know that the Lord has called me to be as a pioneer. By Mikael Enroos song God created something new for me. T.S.

I feel like a new man. I have come up at a higher level of spirit and have a larger width. I'm burning inside and anointing has increased enormously in my life. I have got a miracle-thinking, a great faith in God and a greater boldness. I also experienced tremendous freedom and power. Obstacles have been cleared away and now it's an open heaven. I experience God much stronger and deeper and can receive from God a lot better. God has become much more alive and real and I can see in a stronger manner how he is with me every day in everything I do. In addition, I received a new vision and a new understanding. It is as if the brain has grown larger and I have had a width of my thinking. I understand more the width, length, height and depth now. I have always been slow. It has taken a long time to think things out and to understand things. But now it feels like my brain just finished and I got a quick thinking and understanding. All glory to God! T.J.

The School of Prophets has been a highlight where you have access to prophetically inspired teaching. They may personally help to get through and developed in your life and his calling. Your life will never be the same as before, but to become transformed into something new. I do not know any other place where you can get as much opportunity to be personally ministered by the prophet for so longtime with so much force that the breakthrough than the Healing Miracle Hour. It really is a great privilege that we should seize. R.K.

The first time I visited Power Source, I felt that there was a strong prophetic and apostolic anointing. The spiritual level is quite different from what I have experienced before. Proclamation has been the full Gospel, it also puts the works of Yeshua into practice. When I came to Power Source, I was in distress but everything has changed. Power Source is for me a "home" where all the conditions exist for growth. At the meeting, I get spiritual food of Yeshua where my spiritual but also my natural needs are met. On Healing Miracle Hour, I have been healed and I need no medicine. Thank you Yeshua! It is so strong and unique. Prophet Mikael Enroos serving people with the same anointing that was upon Yeshua when He walked the earth. I can see for myself how people get set free, set up and healed! For me, Power Source is a spiritual university where I have received answers to my questions.

Dance Ministering for me was very healing inboard and a deeper release. It was also very intense, but at the same time very sweet to be in God's presence and receive ministering. A.Y.

I feel very blessed to be here. I do not want to miss any meeting. My dream and desire is, to get into all that the Lord has for me. It has been a major change, to get into a church like this, after a previous context. I like the people in the church, anointing and preachers. I admire the decor and everything else in the church hall. I admire also the graphic design of the educational series of covers. I like to roll around on the floor of the Holy Ghost, to experience "Hurricane in the Spirit." My wish is that God meets me so strongly to each meeting. I wish more people would visit Power Source and to experience everything that I have experienced.

Thank you, thank you Yeshua for the Power Source Church, for the service gift Mikael and Sanna Enroos are for the body of Messiah. I had a life-changing week. I will never be the same again. Stark anointing flowed continuously from the word of God and the Holy Spirit! Sunday was the highlight. When Mikael spoke, it was spoken by Yeshua, He stretched out his hands to us. It was such a strong love of Yeshua when Mikael sang prophetically it was like heaven came down to us. God bless you! It will be strong healings o miracles at Power Source in the future. In my left shoulder has a healing process started. All glory belongs to God! I.A.

Prophet Mikael Enroos service at Power Source church has a great spiritual authority, respect for the individual and the love of Messiah without condemnation. Anointing, which falls over the room during the ministering is very noticeable. All those who served have a chance to complete liberation and healing during the Healing Miracle. I feel that the Prophet's teaching and service that contains great wisdom and knowledge comes directly from God's throne. K.L.

I have a lot of teaching series with Mikael Enroos. I have listened to them again and again. There is such a spirit of humility in those teachings, which open hearts. Sometimes, God's presence is very strong, so heavy that it is difficult to move. There is one thing in common with all them teaching series, they point to Yeshua, no man or movement, but Yeshua. And I see clearly what happened to me, I switched my personal relationship with Yeshua to work with vision. And I was working for God rather than spending time with Him. The teaching of the Power Source has meant a lot to me. T.K.

I get a very warm and loving refutation from everyone working at Power Source Church. For every time I've been there, I received a new anointing, refreshment, power, joy, spiritual food, which effects spirit and soul. When Yeshua walked on this earth everybody were drawn to him, for they had experienced his love, truth, healing, deliverance and authority. Just that I experience in Power Source. I am drawn there. Here in Power Source can you come and drink from the water of life and eat the bread of heaven. God's love is flowing through and from this source. Power Source!

I am very grateful for Prophetic Dance Ministering. It is the first time I ever been served in this way. I knew heaven opened over my life during the service. I was very concentrated and could feel God's love filled my heart. I felt that my heart opened to God and I give him all praise and glory. I was filled with joy and I started laughing in an extreme way. I was also filled with a great peace of God. I felt indeed very close to God as never before. At the end, I had a wonderful word from the Lord, and I knew they were from the Lord into my heart. I encourage all of you that when you ever get chance to participate in any of these meetings, doubt no. Just give it a chance and you will never regret it. M.W.

The doctor has been established through Yeshua Messiah Healing Miracle Hour. He has in his role as a physician experienced overall changes in patient condition that is not according to him can be explained either medically or psychologically as neither medication given or longer medical conversation occurred. Several of these patients have had longstanding problems with medical expertise to help. But when they come to the doctor that is filled with the Holy Spirit, they have been healed. Example: A patient receives the majority of police officers in total aggression that after meeting with the doctor quickly turned into a person with heart and soul, where the patient has been so changed that the meeting ended with a big hug to the doctor. Even patients who were psychotic after a short meeting was entirely adequate, clear and lucid, and ended up in the proper mood. I am amazed and can only see that Jesus heals immediately, I honor Yeshua as the true physician. The doctor also mentions that the hospital staff and other doctors have begun to turn to him for advice and wisdom. They're completely amazed at how he achieves those results. I knew that my heart opened and my soul was affected. I was relaxed and peace came in to my soul. Thank God for the prophetic dance ministering. S.P.

Healing dance ministering was a beautiful and powerful experience and the words I got were strong. E.C.