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These two pictures are from the prayer mountain held by T.B. Joshua leading the revival.

Immediately following this instruction and on returning home, there were healing explosions at the meetings. Worship services that usually lasted 2.5-3 hours were now 8-9 hours with one short break in between for refreshments and light meals for visitors. The longest meeting has been 12.15 hours and Yeshua healed and delivered people throughout the night until 05:15 on Monday morning.

We have seen people come from all over Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania and the United States to be miraculously healed by Yeshua Messiah in the Healing Miracle Hour.The Healing Miracle Hour is generally held after the church service at weekends with Mikael Enroos. To participate in the HMH, one also needs to be present at the whole service.

Deliverance and Inner Healing

People have been set free from generational curses, different kinds of bondage and demons during the Healing Miracle Hour. Many have received deep inner healing for their souls. Extremely fast internal healings and deliverances have taken place. It does not have to take years to become free from pains of the soul and inner wounds. Yeshuas miraculous power is as effective in healing the soul. When Yeshua comes, He takes your past and gives you a future.

A Testimony:
"I had for gone through a long difficult time in my life. It was time to get into a healing process with Yeshua. I thought that it would take many years to be healed from the excruciating pain I had in my soul. How little did I know about Yeshuas healing miracle power when it comes to the area of inner healing. I came to the Healing Miracle Hour and received ministering from the Lord's prophet Mikael Enroos. During 30 minutes, Yeshua healed my soul from ALL PAIN AND WOUNDS, and I went home as a totally changed person. I would never have believed that Yeshua could do such miracles in my soul, because I had been taught that it takes many years to be healed in the soul. That God cannot do fast work at all, but that is not true. Therefore, I recommend the Healing Miracle Hour for those who suffer from depression, bondage, rejection or any inner problems. Many years have passed since, and I have maintained my inner healing. Yeshua can perform miracles!" – K.E.

If you are seriously ill and need practical help in order to arrive
Do you have an extremely difficult situation or illness and want to come to the HMH, but feel unsure about coping with long meetings? Contact us in advance, so we can help you practically, make it easy and convenient for you on arrival and during your stay with us at the Power Source.

International visitors will be helped with accommodation.

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