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Mikael1.jpgMikael and Sanna Enroos have an International Messianic, Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry. A part of it is to prepare the Body of Messiah for the end time and for revival. The Enrooses have traveled in many parts of the world and held conferences, pastoral training, revival and healing miracle meetings. Mikael Enroos is ordained as a bishop and a prophet. Sanna Enroos is ordained as a prophet.

"We believe that in every new movement of God, there are new ways of expression and reforming revelation from God's throne. All our meetings have a spontaneous nature, which is owned by the Holy Spirit, while there is a decent order in the worship life. We have seen one of the strongest healing waves in the history of Sweden from 2005-2010, where a large number of people have received healing from incurable diseases. They have come from seven different countries to receive divine healing. Yeshua Messiah is the Healer. We believe that in 2010 - 2020, we will enter a healing revival that affects the whole of Scandinavia and more... "Sanna1--lgupplsning.jpg

In addition to YHWH's Revival Centre in Sweden we have a Ministry Office in Dallas, USA; West Africa and South Africa and a Mission Base in Hyderabad, India. Mikael and Sanna Enroos both have a Jewish background. Blowing the shofar, celebrating Shabbat and the Feasts through the New Covenant reality is a natural part of their lives. It does not affect the Renewed Covenant freedom in the Holy Spirit, through the blood of Yeshua Messiah, our Sacrificial Lamb; who died on Calvary and rose again on the third day.

Instead it provides a balanced and thorough knowledge of the Hebrew roots, which deepens the revelation of the Renewed Covenant. "For no one can lay any foundation other than what is being laid, which is Yeshua Messiah." 1 Corinthians 3:11. Like many other Jewish men Mikael Enroos is called through numerous visits from Yeshua personally. YHWH has opened supernatural doors around the world to serve in God's miraculous power and the revelation of God's Word, the Bible.

Thousands have been touched and transformed by Mikael and Sanna Enroos' teaching which has a clear apostolic anointing and a firm foundation in our Hebrew roots. In our media production, there are over 100 CD series with solid education that are spread to several nations. Miracles and strong healing miracles follow their ministry.