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Andhra Pradesh, India

The Orphans - Abba's Precious Treasure

Children are a gift from Adonai

...The fruit of the womb is a reward Ps. 127:3

God is a Father for the fatherless Ps. 68:6

God, in his holy dwelling, is a father to orphans (Complete Jewish Bible).

The Father Promised to:

A) Help the fatherless You help the fatherlessPs.10:14

B) Sustain to fatherless

He sustains the fatherless Ps. 146:9

C) Take care of the fatherless

Leave your orphans; I will keep them alive. Jer. 49:11

D) Give mercy to the fatherless

For it is only in you that the fatherless can find mercy. Hos. 14:3


Children born to the prostitutes


Children with their prostitute mothers


The Principles of the Kingdom

1) Pure and Holy Service Before the Lord  James 1:27

Through helping the fatherless you serve the Most High!

The religious observance that God the Father considers pure and faultless is this: to care for orphans... (CJB)

2)The Giving of Food to The Fatherless Makes Your Hands Blessed
Deut. 14:29

The fatherless and the widows cannot repay you in any way but God will.

He who is kind to the poor is lending to ADONAI; and he will repay him for his good deed.

3) The Kingdom Belongs to The Children Mark 10:14, Luke 18:16

Yeshua: "Let the children come to me, don't stop them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these."


The Oppression of the Fatherless Releases a Judgement

Don't oppress widows, orphans...Zech. 7:10

A judgment over those who take advantage of the fatherless.Mal. 3:5

Whenever you refused to do it for the least important of these people, you refused to do it for me.Matt. 25:45

You are not to abuse any widow or orphan. Exodus 22:22

The Royal Calling of the Fatherless

Give justice to the weak and fatherless! Ps. 82:3

  • The fatherless are called to know Yeshua and serve Him through His awesome grace.
  • What they couldn't receive from their parents, ABBA, their Heavenly Father, has poured out over their lives in abundance.
  • They are called to be the ones who know their Father and releases His grace to thousands of people.


A Fatherless Who Became A Queen

-was fatherless (Est. 2:7)
-was nothing but chosen by God (1 Cor. 1:27-28)
-received heavenly grace and favour from her Father (Est. 2:15-17, 5:3)
-came into the kingdom for a greater purpose (Est. 4:14)
-became a great deliverer for her people and her nation
-was one whose royal dignity was totally restored (Est. 2:17-18)
-reigned as a queen (Est. 2:17)

Esther who was fatherless set her people free through righteousness and God's grace. The faithfulness of a fatherless restored a whole nation and gave glory to the King. This great deliverance became one of God's appointed times: Purim (Est. 9:22)

Purim is a festival of great deliverance when sorrow turns to joy and a time of giving gifts to the poor. Purim is specially designated for remembering people who don't have anything. It is also a festival for the FATHERLESS inaugurated by a fatherless, Queen Esther.

Every fatherless is like a diamond in God's hand. They are Abba's precious treasure.

God has in a special way poured out His grace over them.

The defending and helping of the fatherless is a highly holy service in the eyes of the Father.

Sanna Enroos, Founder and Leader

Would you like to become a godfather and become richly blessed?

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We know that no one is born without parents but circumstances can make a child an orphan or semi-orphan. Some children are also born mentally retarded. India still has the largest number of these children. Usually these children do not have any caretakers and are also rejected by society. In year 2008 Bishop Mikael and Sanna Enroos visited Andhra Pradesh.

During their stay they visited many places and met hundreds of pastors and church leaders and helped them to grow spiritually. While they were in India, they visited a number of slums and a house of prostitutes. They were moved with great compassion towards these people and seriouslycontemplated on how they could help to make the lives of these people more meaningful.

Sanna Enroos suggested that they would help these children by providing food, shelter and education in order to give them a hope for abrighter future. The orphanages are divided into three different categories. They are aimed for:

1) Orphans and semi-orphans of poor and needy.
2) Children born to prostitutes, who are fatherless.
3) Children born as mentally and physically disabled.

By contribution from individual sponsors the children are provided with food, shelter and education. Sanna Enroos is having a project with a long-term vision of empowering these children to be self-sufficient through a solid education so that they can become financially independent. The plan is to eventually move each orphanage to a permanent location on land that is owned by the orphanage itself.


i. To support the orphans by providing education, subsistence, a good upbringing and to fill the gap caused by missing parents. ii. To provide academic merits and opportunities through sponsorships and scholarships for higher education. iii. To share the love of a family and to increase the children's confidence in life by offering them a better future.


  • Providing and constructing a 100-bed-capacity-dormitory for every orphanage.
  • Constructing a standard kitchen and a canteen block to serve the orphans.
  • Providing a playground for each orphanage.
  • Getting a reliable clean water supply for the orphanages.
  • Purchasing or building a common own office building in Hyderabad.
  • Providing a car for each of the orphanages of the mentally retarded.

We want to give these children a chance; a home, education and emotional stability to grow up to become useful members of society. We train the children to become self-supporting by teaching them tailoring, printing, computer education and income generating systems. The children actively participate in the daily chores of the orphanages.



Altogether our plan is to support 1000 orphan and semi-orphan children through 10 orphanages in different places throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh and through two orphanages purposed for mentally retarded children at Eluru and Tallapudi.


  • Each orphan needs (food, clothing and school)
    • 20 € monthly, a total of 240 € annually.
  • The two homes purposed for the mentally retarded need
    • 2 000 € monthly, a total of 24 000 € annually.
  • Buildings: 100-bed-dormitory-block, kitchen and canteen
    • 40 000-50 000 € If you wish we can provide you with the plan and the costs of the construction in detail.
  • A car for each of the orphanages of the mentally retarded children
    • 6 000-7 000 €


Indian Coordinator Bishop Lawrence Rose with his wife Syamala