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Each year The International School of Prophets has a number of training sessions per year at a high international level. The school is filled with new and fresh revelation from God's throne in areas that concern the prophetic and the apostolic. Come and receive a new prophetic dimension and anointing. Be trained and equipped in the prophetic ministry. Each training session is unique, planned in direct inspiration of the prophetic spirit and apostolic revelation. People come from all over Scandinavia to The International School of Prophets.

To see the wide range that the International School of Prophets has, we suggest that one see below.


The Vision

  • A prophetic maturity in Scandinavia and the Nations.profetskola1.JPG
  • To ddd the prophetic foundation for the fivefold ministry.
  • Establish a prophetic people with purity and holiness.
  • A new dimension in the prophetic.
  • Release the prophetic and the apostolic mantle.

Below are some examples of the different topics at The International School of Prophets. The Lord gives new revelation constantly and continually adds new topics:

Apostolic and Prophetic Seed

This revelation from the Holy Spirit includes the five seed and their nature and how the apostolic theology structure is operating. How prophetic ministers are developed and the significance of the prophet's father role. Definitions of a prophet's ministry and the prophetic ministry. The Holy Spirit's special school for you. Two ways to operate in the prophetic and the prophet's three goals. The practicing of gifts and the call to service. David, the prophetic king.

How Prophets Hear from God

How prophets hear from God, the deeper revelation of understanding the voice of God. The three spirits who speak on earth, how to discern what spirit talks. The voice you received, the voice you speak and your future. The twelve ports of the apostles and the counsel of God. The principle of spirit and life in the voice of Yeshua the Messiah and much more.

Ministering in the Supernatural

Ministering in the supernatural realms of God. We need to be in that glory, so we obtain the miracles and the fruit that pleases our heavenly Father. In this teaching, we will discover how important it is for us to become clay in the Master's hand. Through laying all experience aside, both good and bad. How the Profetskolan3.JPGanointing mantle is released and how we know the will of God through the anointing. The three levels of fulfillment in the anointing. Ministry goals, principles and orders that are set in the kingdom of God.

The Gathering of the Eagles

The Gathering of the Eagles is a powerful teaching on the special and unique life of the end time eagles, prophets and the prophetic people. This includes apostolic revelation of the brave heart of an eagle. Visits to heaven. The apostolic mind concerning eagles. Special gathering in Jerusalem. The angel is blowing the shofar over the nations. Not to depart from the temple. Deep - deeper - the deepest. One thing is needed. Something that is shot up. The changing of clothing.

The Apostolic Path for Your Prophetic Ministry

This topic is a powerful package of fresh revelation of the end time move of God's revival. Through the apostolic and prophetic mantels and anointing, the full restoration of God's counsel is manifested. You will find out why "playing for your Saul" will release you into a greater prophetic dimension. Why principles in relationships in a prophetic ministry are a must for your survival. You will learn what an apostolic mind looks like and how it functions. The importance of recognizing our Jewish heritage and the Hebrew calendar, so we understand God's appointed times.

The Seers Ministry and David's Apostolic Order

The Seer has a supernatural ministry that sees visions in image form, film form and live (present live broadcast). The seer's three primary functions are to prophesy visions that the seer can see from the third heaven. This causes redemptive visions to be born to the earth. The second is spiritual warfare. The seers operate deep into enemy territory by their spiritual "high-tech" anointing. The third is a prophetic healing/deliverance ministry that releases the liberation and victory from darkness. This topic also includes how King David went into the prophetic inspiration that gave birth to the apostolic arrangements coordinated by the three prophetic ministries for the nation. These topics are filled with revelations about how you live in the Holy Spirit's supernatural world.

The Prophetic Zoneprofetskola2.JPG

God is restoring revelation and understanding of how to remain in a strong and mighty anointing. In this topic, you will learn to understand 3 areas of your life that God requires development in our life to remain in a successful relationship with Him and others. This teaching has an apostolic anointing to bring you into God's will. Prophetic principles and various prophetic expressions are also revealed. This topic is a must for those who want to stay strong in God and truly have success.

The Apostolic Reforming Spirit

This exciting topic will bring understanding on what God is doing these days. God wants to move you out of your spiritual place and plant you into His own will. As that moving goes on, we will be cleansed as the bride to become without wrinkle or spot. A measure of the apostolic reforming spirit has already arrived, and this teaching gives you the guideline of it and a lot of insight. Manifestations will always be there when a new move of God comes. Learn the sound principles concerning the manifestations of the Spirit. What Elijah learned in the cave concerning manifestation. This topic also includes moving from revelation to revolution. It is loaded with divine revelation.

Buying the Oil

God wants you to be prepared for a greater move of God in the nation. This topic will give you insight and wisdom to BUY THE OIL, so you will be one of the five wise virgins. God wants to shake the nations with His glory, neither by might nor power, but by the Spirit of the Lord. It is crucial for you to live in the five sacrifices that we find in the Torah and understand them in the Renewed Covenant. That will be a backbone for your buying of oil. You will learn about the five characters that led the move of God in their generation. Eight prophetic preparations for you before a great and genuine outpouring can take place in your life. This teaching is also including the spiritual journey of worship and the three major places it will take you. Those three areas need to be visited; God's reality, the past and your future.

The International School of Prophets is constantly changing to synchronize with the will of God.