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Basic Doctrine & Spiritual Growth

If the spiritual foundation is built right, then the rest of the spiritual temple will have stability and constitute a force that can overcome any circumstances. Then there will be no limit for how far one can reach in God. We are building the foundation upon Yeshua Messiah. He is the only basis one can have as a believer. Everything that is based upon Him will endure and remain.

trainingordinationpic2.jpgIn Enroos International ministry, one will receive a strong spiritual growth and revelation that is unique. We always strive to make the teaching prophetically sharp and containing apostolic structure. We teach out of the Hebrew roots, which makes the teaching clarifying and an eye-opening. When we discover the Bible's Jewish roots and understand a bit of the historic setting where the Scripture is born, then we will understand much deeper and better what Yeshua taught in the New Testament. The apostolic anointing is evident over the teaching, and it will speed up your spiritual growth.

Your Call to Ministry

The Enroos International Ministry is a place of strong apostolic and prophetic spiritual training. We will help you to reach your calling, which you have received from Yeshua. All are called to some ministry. Whatever ministry or call you have from God, we can help you get on with your call. We give you solid Biblical knowledge and a theological foundation for your life. You will be stronger in your faith in Yeshua and able to function more effectively in your spiritual life. Your spiritual gifts will be activated. You get a clearer picture of your call and take clear steps forward.

Firstly we train you in character and true, sound submission. Then we train you in the believer's ministry, in using the gifts of the Holy Spirit and finally your ministry anointing. You will go through different phases oftrainingordination3.jpg training. You will learn to serve in various areas both practically and spiritually. You will discover your gifts, and we will encourage you to go further in areas where you are talented. You can try your spiritual wings and train in ministering to people in a safe atmosphere and under a spiritual covering. You have the opportunity to help with various things in the church life and travel with a team. In this way, your faith will grow, and you will be more confident in your ministering.


We train people into ministry. This means that some of those trained will receive an ordination, which is an international standard for ministry. The ordination means that you are recommended by the one who has ordained you. Your gifts are discovered, and your call is recognized by several fivefold ministers of the Lord. You have a spiritual mandate over your life that has been recognized by other fivefold ministers. If you travel abroad and want, for example, to preach in a church, the leader will ask if you are ordained and by whom. We have ordained several fivefold ministers and ministers of helps. They have been pastors, prophets, teachers, prophetic servants and others. You have an opportunity to be ordained by us if you have a God-given call over your life.