“The Prophetic Prayer Army 7” Seeking the face of the Lord early. Your life will never ever be the same again. Praying the time when Yeshua prayed when He was in Israel in the days of the Bible..

The Prophetic Prayer Army 7

4th Night Watch

 – This is a place where you give birth to your daily victories, be able to zoom into an distance of things before it happens, being THE WATCHMAN. The Spirit of prayer will increase over your life when you seek the face of the Lord for wisdom, strenght and power at the same hour that Yeshua did. Many historical events and miracles took place at the 4th Night Watch, this you will discover and experience on these livebroadcasts. You will also be eqquipped with the grace of Issachar´s anointing so you will be able to catch the different prophetic seasons and cordinate Yahweh´s moedims (appointed times). This will change your life.


Weekly Livebroadcasts is hold:

4am Sweden/Norway –  5pm Finland/Israel – 3am London UK.


4th Night Watch 

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