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Mikael & Sana Enroos

We experienced a very powerful visitation from the Lord Yeshua on the white horse (Rev 19: 11-16). The Lord Yeshua called us to the last reformation, so many are dried up and in pain and without the living water. Yeshua called us to a revival that will never end.  For so many time He cried over and over again becuase they did not last longer, but this revival will be different, it will last to the end. The Lord also called us to become a role model for Nations.

This very day we are in a deep preparation and in progress to see the fulfilment of the high call in Yeshua the Messiah (Phil 3:14). The first steps have begun…


 the divine call

Called by YAHWEH…

Mikael and Sanna Enroos have been called by Yahweh with a Special Call to be Messianic Apostles and Prophets to the Nations. As Jewish believers to Yeshua, our Messiah, we bring light to the Christians to understand their original Roots of Faith. We stand for Israel and His chosen people. Our call is to Empower and Restore the Kingdom of Yahweh with a true Messianic, Apostolic and Prophetic foundation and revelation.


Our Specialty is to bring fresh revelation down from Heaven. Apostolic teaching with a prophetic sword is our strength. That teaching brings forth the whole counsel of God. We teach with the Power of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) with miracles following. Signs and wonders are a natural part of every meeting, as Yeshua, the Living Torah, manifests among us.






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