The EliYah 2.0 App

EliYah 2.0

We build our life upon the Word of Yahweh (God), the Bible. The Bible is organised by books, chapters and verses. It is easy to read and return to remind yourself what the Word says. The EliYah 2.0 will organise all your dreams, visions, rhemas, prophecies, (knowledge of) Israel and 4th night prayers in dates, headlines and posts. The EliYah 2.0 App is the first of it’s kind in the world to put all divine communication into your hand in an organised form. Easy to find, easy to connect to your endtime momentum from Yahweh (God).

The EliYah 2.0 App is invented and owned by Mikael Eliyah Enroos.

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The EliYah 2.0 

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