A Global Prophetic Word 2020

Waking up because of His presence

This feast of the Tabernacles 2020 has been so blessed. 3 years ago, we had a 20minute visitation from Yeshua. The Lord revealed details to us about the End Time Revival that will never end. This revelation was a little different, and I will start sharing it now.

Tuesday night (6.10.20) at 2:30am, the Lord woke me up by His presence. It was very easy to get out of bed, because the presence of God always “overvotes” the physical laws. You literally come under the influence of the Almighty, and all the other things diminish. As I carefully raised up from my bed not to wake my precious wife, I instantly knew I didn’t want to miss this momentum of His glory, so I walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa. I could sense there was something Yahweh wanted to say, the atmosphere was electric (by the Holy Spirit) and I knew by the powerful atmosphere, that what Yahweh wants to do, goes for the whole globe.

The need of restoring His nature

The message will initially come down as a rain (Deuteronomy 32:2 “Let my words descend like dew”). God wants to make major changes in the whole body of Messiah. It will start with restoring His values in relation to His nature. So many people are experiencing inner hurt, and so many has been taken advantage of with empty promises that was never fulfilled. People has been given visions that was intellectually presented to attract the soul of man, but they didn’t manage to wake up the inner man, as was the initially intended point. Apostle Paul said I did not come with mans wisdom but with the power of the spirit.  The first one stimulates only the mind but the second will stir up your spirit and breath divine light into your mind, do you see the difference?

So many have been abused in the name of God. The body is so hurt, that now fear has a grip on their lives. This is because of spiritual abuse and the ice cold religious spiritual climate. Of course there are many good intentions, but after a while, the spiritual structure, where the management boarders comes from, runs into a spiritual draughts. This is always ongoing if we are not in the right roots of faith.

Great exposure will take place before the restoration 

The Lord will bring restoration through a move of deep repentance, but in the same time, there will be a great exposure of false prophets and ministers who has their own agendas. Too many have sacrificed their families and marriages “in Gods name”. The Lord said to me this night “I will expose them“. Within the order of ungodly priority, manipulation can both flourish and be hidden, such as unhealthy money plans in the ministry, spiritual abuse, hope deferred in promises never fulfilled, the egos and logos “flourishes” making the name of “man” big – instead of Elohim. False prophets and ministers have their own ministry as if they themselves were an idol and their families are in disorder. This is a huge sign for you to see. Look at the family, and you will see who the minister is!!!

The order in the Garden of Eden

God created a family, the first person who broke that order was fooled through the lie of the snake (serpent) to the woman in Genesis 2 and 3. When major things are created and directions given in a family, the marriage altar needs to be respected, meaning God speak to The One Flesh, both man and woman, (obviously God forbade them to eat from that tree). Too many have sacrificed their marriages and families and has violated the nature and heart of God’s orders, leading to manifestation of disorders, hurts, pains and disasters. Those are openings for unnecessary warfare and a whole shipload of struggles that breaks down both health and mind.

This is the order in the Kingdom of God

1) God is first in our life,

2) then Marriage

3) Family

4) Ministry.

Within these order there is a harmony that honors God’s structure of authority and God’s nature.

Have your marriage and family in order to have a ministry that  breath true love and power

Ministers that do not have this order, focuses on numbers without values, members without relationships, mentorship without discipleship. You see, when the order is right, the ego is exposed, and the true nature of God will be in its right place. John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” But it starts with the marriage and the family, 1 Timothy 5:8 “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

God is about to restore His nature back to His people and it starts with the restoration of marriages and families. God has a biblical order for us, the disorders and manipulations will not be allowed entrance and they will be exposed quickly. It is appalling to see that some can openly provide for others, but not for their wife’s security with care, love and emotional comfort. How can it be? Because the ministry took the wife’s place and it’s an idol! Because the replacement theology and ideology has stolen the true roots and values of Gods nature and the true knowledge from the Word of God.

The “fear” culture

Being near such unhealthy climates creates a fear culture. The fear culture suppresses what you’re truly feeling, because in that climate you are not allowed to question the leader? The fear culture also creates the Nicodemus syndrome that visited Yeshua during nighttime (hidden, not showing it openly). This climate, among others, creates unhealthy traces, behaviors and it’s all dead religion. In a family the relationships are nurtured by love, unity and honesty. When the mistakes are dealt with, hands of love will lift each other up again.

Instead we see  jealousy, backbiting  in the Family of God?? This is so sick! False prophets creates rumours, to avoid exposure and diminidh the way of the true anointing of God. The true prophets produces testimonies and are a fresh air of purity and the fear of God.

The cleansing is coming

God will clean His house and purify His bride. True prophets deal with the spiritual climates that creates unhealthy cultures standing against the Glory of Yahweh. It is time to stand up for the truth, be humble and repent. It’s time to deal with replacement methods and manners and confess it as a sin and repent, then turn back to the Father, He’ll restore the right values of His nature into our lives, thoughts and hearts. It will be clear who builds the KINGDOM OF GOD and who builds something else! It’s time to repent from replacement theology where the true roots from Zion is compromised, manipulated and cut off. Romans 11:18 “do not consider yourself to be superior to those other branches. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you.

God will send fire prophets and carriers of passionated love to Yeshua to expose the most deceptive spiritual coverings of all time called  false culture loyalties. With spiritual roots of pagan worship but adopted by believers to be something innocent and nice. Repent for the Kingdom of God is near, the power and the glory can not even be compared to those who stand on holy ground in these days.

A season of strong visitations and miracles

We live in a time of very strong visitations. As I’m writing this article, I got a message on my phone – A lady wanted to bring her testimony. 2 days ago I prophecied that some people in the meeting I had would visit heaven. Now, the testimony she wrote, was about her visit to heaven. A Mother had another great testimony, she suffered heart failure issues and 2 heart attacks and died 2 times. But Yeshua raised her from the situation and made a miracle. The doctors had to re-write the diagnose and wrote that her heart is normal. Yeshua gave her a new heart! A creating miracle took place. Just lately over 17 people have had personal visitations from Yeshua the Messiah. The testimonies are many more – the move of God can’t be stopped! When we give God the glory for everything He is doing, we are in the wind of Gods move.


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