There is something that I want to release in the realm of the spirit. It’s a prophetic word from Yahweh the Father, about the things that are in progress on a global scale in the whole world.

Intense Prayer, because they will come a shift that is global

On January 16th I felt an urge in the spirit for the people of God to pray intensively for three months – January, February and March. It is a great preparation time and the devil is really scared. One reason why this corona hysteria has come is because the devil is really scared of what the Father has decided to do in the nations of the world on a global level. This is not about the corona virus, it’s about what the Father is about to release on the face of the earth. So I said during the 4th Night Watch that in January, February and March we need to pray more than anything, because in March there will come a great shift that is even global.

So what is this shift about? It’s about what God wants to do in the Kingdom globally. But before God releases something you see what the devil is trying to do. The devil is trying to paralyze people for a purpose. I saw a vision of millions of spirits of fear, that were released upon the nations of the world, to grab hold of people’s hearts. But what the devil tried to do, God is going to turn into something good. We are still in March, so we need to continue to pray according to the word of God from January.

Those who have taken prayer seriously for three months are going to be graced into a very special anointing when it comes to this global crisis. This crisis is forcing the people of God to kneel down before the Lord. I’m not saying this to frighten you, but you need to understand that this will be and is already a global thing.

2 Chronicle 14:7 says:

“If my people, on whom my name is called, shall humble and shall pray and shall seek my face and turn from their evil ways I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Corona mix and the manipulation

This scripture is for those who didn’t take seriously the prophetic word that I gave from the Father. Those who have taken prayer seriously are going to be able to exercise a tremendous authority over this corona spirit and manipulating spirit that is released.

The Corona spirit, manipulation and the Prince of the air

What do I mean by manipulation? The media has been caught by it, and the Bible talks about the prince of the air. The prince of the air is ruling the media. So he’s actually dictating and has orchestrated this scenario with the corona virus information, for one strategic purpose – so that millions around the world would come into a deep fear, and submit to the next step.

This corona thing is a media trick from Satan himself, because unfortunately he rules the media. It is to scare everyone into submitting to the system of the antichrist. There will come another wave, a more sophisticated wave, where people will start to have data chips in their hands or in their bodies. It is also to prepare for the pope to have a global religion and it also has to do with a centralization of power. You need to really understand what is going on. The corona virus is only the beginning. But don’t be afraid, because this will all end well, as we read in the Book of Revelation. Those who took my advice to pray seriously in January, February and March will have a special grace to break this attack.

Deal with the mixture – spiritual whore

Yeshua the Messiah is greater than the devil. And those who follow the Lord wholeheartedly have greater power than the devil. We are on the winning side, but we cannot be stupid. We cannot be involved in religious politics or just be loyal to what our denominations or organisations say. All that is garbage to the Lord. There is one body, that should be unified. If they are unified the Holy Spirit moves upon the body of the Messiah, to change nations.

So the corona virus is just a preparation for a more sophisticated wave. What I mean by sophisticated is that people will not react. People will think it’s good, they are bringing a solution. And the pope is part of this “solution” from the devil. That’s why my song says “we don’t want to have a pope or a snake, we want the real thing.”

So what is the spirit behind this? There are sprits behind this corona thing – but the main strongman, the mother spirit behind the global corona attack is the great whore in Revelation chapter 17. And it comes first with temptations, thoughts and suggestions, then perversion. Those are the steps that this great whore works with. It’s a perverted spirit and a mixing in of things that should not be there.

The synonyms of mixture are: admixture, blend, cocktail, combination, composite, compound, intermixture, meld, mix, synthesis. When the devil makes this cocktail he takes the truth and mixes it with a lie. The great whore gives birth to great perversion in the earth, and this corona virus is born out of perversion.

Protect those who are vulnerable and the agenda of globalization

We still need to take it seriously however. People that are old or that have a weak immune system may not survive this virus. So we need to be careful and protect those who are weak. The Lord has instructed me to pray Psalm 91 over my family. I also recommend that you do that. It is good to follow the news and the rules that your government is giving you. But people also die from the regular flue every year, and it doesn’t get this kind of media attention. So the prince of the air has taken over the media and it’s part of a broader, more sophisticated way for the antichrist to come into every single home. That’s the plan. This is not the goal, this is just the beginning – to prepare for the antichrist. And the pope is going to be used in that, because he wants to globalize religion. All of this has to do with the perversion that comes from the great whore in Revelation chapter 17. We know that the Catholic church is a real whore when it comes to Bible doctrine, that says in their statements that the church is a greater authority than the Bible itself.

So this is not the end – this is just a preparation, to make people scared, and after that the antichrist will come in a sophisticated way, so that people will see it as a solution and they will be relieved and accept the “solution”.

God´s global shift is at hand and to learn the art of abstain

This is the message to you who believe in the Lord Yeshua. We see a global shift taking place right now – what the devil is trying to achieve – but there will come another shift, and that shift will come from the Father. God wants us to prepare for that shift.

Daniel chapter 1:8 says:

“And Daniel laid on his heart that he would not defile himself with the king’s food or with the wine of the drinking, so he asked of the chief of the eunuchs that he may not defile himself.”

The continents of Africa and Asia right now have a strongman that is the Babylonian empire, which means that there’s a lot of magic and witchcraft. Imagine that Daniel sat there, he read his Torah, he kept the Sabbath and he prayed and did all those things. And then this suggestions of mixture came and started mixing things from the Bible.

The problem is when we mix things. Whatever is not in the Bible – stay away from it! And whatever is in the Bible – stick to it. I have a very simple theology! Whatever I don’t find in the Bible I throw away, I don’t care what it is. And whatever I find in the Bible I want to embrace, understand and meditate upon – and that becomes my culture, my tradition and the way I think. That gives birth to discernment. And when discernment is born from what the Bible really says, that’s when you will have that mindset that you’ll need when someone comes with a table like the king, and might defile you. Daniel said “I will not defile myself, I’m not going to eat”. He went against the tradition of man, he went against what you’re supposed to do in the Babylonian system.

In Europe we have the Greek empire. The Greek empire is a worship of the mind – asking your mind before you ask your spirit, which means that people are ruled by their minds, and God wants to break that so that you can be led by the Spirit. When you are led by the Spirit you’re going to have fruit – love, joy and peace – that will uphold your emotional life so that you will touch that deep prophetic level and be supernaturally led by God.

The importance of Israel and the pure Gospel born in Zion

Romans chapter 11:17 says:

“But if some of the branches were broken off and you being a wild olive tree were grafted in among them and become a sharer of the root and the fatness of the olive tree”

This means that if you were not raised up to understand the “Israel” perspective of bible interpretation, the hebrew mind, lifestyle and the spirit of the Jewish Yeshua the Messiah, you don’t have the pure foundation. You are molded ini a mixture of truths and lies. You need the pure and true root and fatness of the Olive tree (Yeshua). You’re a wild tree but you are grafted in among them and share the fatness of the Holy Spirit, the fatness of the anointing that flows from the mantel of Yeshua.

Romans 11:18:

“Do not boast against the branches, but if you boast, it is not you that bears the root, but the root bears you.”

It’s very important in this global attack to understand that Israel is the key to the return of the Messiah. Israel is the key to how nations will be judged or blessed. We need to start to pray for Israel and Jerusalem. I fully believe that we need to come back to sanctifying and restoring the Sabbath, the feasts, the names of God and start to read the whole Bible again. This is what the shift is all about, that we are purified from delusion and perversion (the mixture). These kinds of components cannot be in our lives. We need to be like Daniels who say “I’m not going to defile myself”. If you do everything right but you don’t say no to some things – that little thing will defile all the things you’re doing right. It’s the little leaven that will poison the whole lump Gal 5:9.

So this is about a great shift. Don’t be afraid, but pray and protect those who are elderly and have asthma and so on. Read Psalm 91 and you who need to repent – now is the time to repent, because God is going to pour out His spirit in the midst of this.

Satan is trying to get a grip of people and to prepare for the antichrist, which is the next wave that is coming as a “saving solution”. But God is greater than the devil, the pope and the antichrist. We submit ourselves and we come into the feasts of the Lord – not in a legalistic way, but in the spirit. We believe the whole Bible and we are going to see one of the greatest moves of God. Don’t listen to the news of the devil, but listen to the news of God. If you read the Book of Revelation you know how it all ends. But never forget that Israel is the key to the return of the Messiah. Therefore you need to pray for Israel and for Jerusalem daily in order for you to have a stronger and an international prophetic anointing upon your life. It will mobilize you in the Spirit, whatever you honor you will access to whatever you ignore will be closed for you.

I hope you are blessed by this global prophecy update. We live in serious times when history will be written through a hand with an pen that has paid the price, both on good and bad. Meaning let us pay the price to go the whole way with the God of Israel.

Prophet 7 Mikael Eliyah Enroos