The Shift is here
Some years ago the 19th of March in 2014 Yahweh (God) spoke to me about the coming shift in Christianity. I founded the Hebrew Roots Bible School in the end of 2013 which was a complete spiritual success with an amazing release of Truth. Through that Bible School Yahweh took people out of paganism, religion and idolatry, which are actually hidden in Christianity. Students got rid of pagan roots they had inherited (every Christian has!) through the Council of Nicaea A.D. 325 by the emperor Constantine who established Christianity without its original Jewish Roots.
The message to Christianity 

There will come a time and it has already started when Yahweh calls all who love Him to turn away from the Babylonian system and spiritual exile to the Hebrew Faith and Lifestyle. He challenges everyone now to turn back to the original Way and be filled with His Truth.

There is not going to be any power left in the Apostolic and the Prophetic without the Messianic, which means the True Roots of Our Faith! There is a SHIFT IN THE SPIRIT REALM right now. Servants who operate in the Prophetic and the Apostolic need to return to the Messianic and the True Roots of our Faith IMMEDIATELY or otherwise they are going to dry out from their callings.

The season has changed. This is the new requirement for Yahweh’s servants. This is the season and this is the time when the people of Yahweh need to repent quickly. A large part of Christianity will be destroyed without repentance! This is the season of separation and qualification in the Body of the Messiah.

The message is serious. Yahweh is serious with us. The season of arrogance and ignorance is over. If you want to be a vessel of His Glory, you need to repent from EVERYTHING that is not pleasing Him. Every form of tradition, custom, religiosity and replacement theology. If your divine calling is important to you, you better obey quickly. The time is short. Seek the Truth and you will find it! Never compromise even if it costs you everything. 
by Prophet Sanna Enroos