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The Shift is Global

27.1-20 The Shift is global

I believe God is about to do a shift that contains a radical reformation and a radical increase of the prophetic Spirit (gift, anointing and Spirit combined). This is what God wants to do around the world

THE REFORMATION:  We have fallen away from the original knowledge of the Scripture, not by translations but by transliterations. Which change the purpose and the content into another direction. therefore God gave a very serious prophetic word (Read it down below) A WORD OF PROPHECY WORLDWIDE.

THE PROPHETIC SPIRIT: The Prophetic Spirit is about to manifest in full measure but it goes through different stages. a) Gift of prophecy, b) prophetic anointing c) prophetic Spirit. We will see modern days of Eliyahs, Elishas, Jeremias, Jesajas, John the Baptists in our generation operating in the renewed covenant in the blood of Yeshua. This is a very well planned stradegie from the Father God that will remove man made traditions, religousity, hidden sin, religious politics, from the bride that will be raised.  This move will be of biblical magnitude. It will chock this world!  

Prophet 7 Mikael Eliyah Enroos

A Message from prophet 7 Mikael eliyah Enroos

P7 Ministry

Prophetic Counseling

P7 Ministry

A Growing Ministry with Impact…

Called to be a Prophet to Prophets

Prohpet7 started his first School of Prophets 2003, It happend 6 weeks after a personal visitation from the Lord Yeshua. The Lord met Him in a store; “suddenly the glory filled the store. I started to look around and I saw Yeshua the Messiah standing at the corner of the roof The Lord came from the West. Yeshua said: “Prophet Mikael” Instantly an intense fire of the Lord burned inside my heart and I received an powerful impartation from Yeshua direclty.

Since the year of 2003 International School of Prophets has been hold every year. Today these Schools is named Prophetic 7 School, Prophetic 7 Baptism and they “feed the Prophets” of our generation. 


P7 to the Nations

To The Nations…

By the grace of God Prohpet7 has been in fulltime ministry since the year of 2000. He is ordained as an Bishop and Prophet since 2003 by RaphaMinistries International Florida, USA. Prophet 7 has been serving as an Bibleschool Founder/Director, Head Pastor, Teacher, Prophet, Apostle, Missionary since 2003.

Prophet7 has travelled in over 19 nations around the world with signs and wonders following. 

Prophet7 has a special grace to make the Word become alive with a true revelation. Thousands has got a life-changing impartation from his prophetic/apostolic teaching. 

His healing and miracle ministry is unique with the concentration to incurable sicknesses and creative miracles. The experience of a true HEALINGREVIVAL that P7 had for years has given invaluable amount of wisdom concerning interpret spiritual matters.