The spiritual shift in Sweden 2006

I remember the 17th of September 2006. It was a Sunday night and I stood in the midst of a healing revival in Sweden and an unusual outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The miracles others had in Africa we saw with our own eyes in Sweden EVERY WEEK ! I was having my last meeting of my annual International School of the Prophets, and the Healing Miracle Hour had just started.

In the midst of it all, around 10pm I could clearly sense a major change in the whole nation of Sweden. It was a very radical change in the realm of the spirit over Sweden. I said publicly that there is a great shift in all of Sweden right now, and there will come a window of opportunity for Sweden to enter into reformation and revival. I was amazed about the opportunity that took place in the realm of the spirit.

Prime minister of Sweden sending me a letter with his “blessing”

When I came home from the International School of the Prophets, I looked at the news, saying that this very night Sweden had just shifted from a socialistic government into a right wing government. I immediately knew that this was the shift. Immediately I wrote a letter to the new prime minister and blessed his government, and said that we will pray daily for the raise of Sweden. Within three days I got a letter back from the Prime minister of Sweden where he wrote to me ; ” We are thankful for the congregations in Sweden like yours, and we know that your work means a lot for Sweden”. I immediately knew that the Prime minister of Sweden just announced His blessing to the body of Messiah through those words. An anti – Israel and anti – God government had been taken away, and God gave a prime minister that announced His blessing to the believers of the Bible. It cannot get any better than this when it comes to a window of opportunity for the nation !!!

The healing revival increased and people came from seven different nations to receive divine healing

The healing revival increased and went hand in hand with an apostolic reformation. People came from all parts of Scandinavia, but also from many other nations of the world ( totally from at least 7 nations ). I sent all those who received divine healing to their doctors, so that the doctors could confirm the healing power of the name of Yeshua and remove the diagnoses of their incurable sicknesses. The rumours went big in one of the major hospitals in the capital, the University Hospital of Karolinska. We had countless of lives healed and delivered from all kinds of sicknesses. The longest miracle meeting lasted 12 hours and 15 minutes, and the normal length of our meetings were 7 – 8 hours. That was normal for us !

The witchcraft war went crazy and Jezebel showed her real face !

In the midst of this amazing move of God ‘s glory some leaders (in Sweden) went crazy about their members coming to us and received divine healing. They organized special prayers against us that were pure witchcraft. They started to create all kinds of crazy rumours about us that were nothing else but lies. People came back to us with tears and told us for instance ; ” I was healed from 38 years of pain and sickness but when I testified they went crazy and said I cannot spread this information “. Another person who received a creative miracle and received brand new knees from heaven came and told us that she was removed from her leadership because of this. Jezebel showed her face and organized plenty of attacks against the work of the Holy Spirit. Jezebel was not in the WORLD to attack the revival, NO ! Witchcraft did not come from the world to stop us, NO ! It was from some leaders who called themselves christians. Meanwhile the suicides increased in one of the churches that attacked us, and there were about 13 suicides !!! Here is one sad example of a young man at the age of 25 that was very emotionally sick and was in desperately need of deliverance and healing. He wanted to come to us many times to receive deliverance, but they stopped Him from coming many times. The young man ended His life in suicide because the leadership of that church did not let him come to us to be delivered !! This is the chocking truth.

Keeping the camp free and in the outpouring of the Spirit

To keep my authority in the spirit, God thaught me in real life spiritual combat situations how to win against this witchcraft, and we won in the sense that no witchcraft was able to destroy the camp. We continued in a great zone of the glory of God, in the midst of the most absurd lies about us. Today through the teaching “Witchcraft” I have helped many people to be set free from religous control, manipulation and Jezebel.

Not a single leader applied the words of  Yeshua in the Gospel to find out ?

Yeshua teaches us in Matt 18 :15 ” go to your brother if someone has sinned “. We are called to the ministry of reconciliation according to 2 Cor 5 :11 – 21. No one ever came to me to deal with anything. But some leaders authorized themselves to organize prayer against the work of the Holy Spirit and to spread rumours. I contacted several leaders to meet with them personally according to Matt 18 : 15, but they did not want to meet. Not a single leader applied the words of Yeshua in the Gospel to find out ? I dont write this for someone to feel sorry, I write this beauce this is the truth and others has also gone through this also.

One day The Lord said ; this is enough, I will send my judgement to Sweden!

The Lord has raised up prophets in Sweden that fake leaders wanted to kill like Saul wanted to kill David over and over again. One day the Lord said : this is enough, I will send judgement to Sweden, because they do not receive the work of the Holy Spirit. Soon after those words, the car fires started to increase in the whole nation of sweden, and the rape statistics went sky high in Sweden.


Leaders in the body of Messiah in Sweden resisted the work of the Holy Spirit in the window of opportunity for 8 years that Sweden had, (even when the Prime minister blesses all Bible believers and their work !?). This is the REASON we today have a catastrophe socialistic governemet that is completely anti Israel.


The prophecy about Sverigedemokraterna in the spring of 2014

In the midst of preaching in May 2014 the Lord wanted me to prophecy that Sverigedemokraterna in Sweden will be one of the biggest parties in Sweden. I said : Lord shall I prophecy that ??? ( I was so surprised about what He said ). Quickly Yeshua responded : Yes you shall prophecy this publicly. People in the meeting were a little bit chocked about my prophecy, because in 2014 that was quite a controversial prophecy to make in Sweden. Anyway, the Lord is the Lord and whatever He wants me to say I will say. The election came 4 months later and Sverigedemokraterna chocked the establishment and Sweden. Sverigedemokraterna became the 3rd largest party in Sweden.

The “political body” in Sweden

Jimmie Åkesson is elected by votes and the establishement is resisting and denying the democratic order. They violate the authority structure of the nation and the law itself, and thereby walk in a curse, read Romans 13.

This prophecy is at work even today and the scripture says in Daniel 2 : 21 ” And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding “. The finger of the Lord has caused the party leader Jimmie Åkesson these days to change the political climate in Sweden, and He will make the establishment come into shame. It is not that this party leader is perfect or is in an admireable organisation, not at all. But there is things NO man can change and this is one of those things, regardless of statements of leaders in big conferences.


The body of Messiah in Sweden

But Sweden when they have favour from a Prime minister they killed their prophets an build their own logos and egos not stepping up to take responsibility over the nation. The Lord chooses and anoints whoever He wants and gives them vision and faith to exercise divine authority for the Kingdom of God to be built in a nation. Leaders are denying and resisting Gods anoited ones and violate God ‘s will, this is all about religious politics the 4th biggest killer of national breakthough in the body of Messiah. Instead the Islamistic spirit advances and to influence the nation.

The Lord has disqualified some leaders in the body from entering into the promises of the Lord. Because they have resisted the work of the Holy Spirit and taken the mantle of Jezebel and selfish motives to defile their hearts this has effected the whole nation in a very negative way. They will be ruined of the spiritual abilities that they once had, and dry out and find themselves coming to shame. Some will repent and find grace. But the Lord will raise up a new generation of the Spirit, those who will not become a Saul but will stay as a David and give birth to Solomon, says the Spirit of the Lord.

The values of a nation

The blessing of an nation is depending on how they stand for Israel, how they honor and practice the 10 commandments and their faith in the Son of Yahweh and His work on Golgata. This is of course just elementary steps for a nation, but it is enough for an government authority to open up for opportunities for apostles and prophets to change the whole nation. If a nation do not have these values from its government apostles and prophets will build territorial habitations of the Kingdom of God and from that glory zone effect the society and a nation step by step it is a longer progress.


The war is real stay faithful to the word of God and the Spirit of God. The Lord has a way to revival and reformation and to make a clear conclusion God removes leaders staying away for Him so the people of God can walk free.


In the Anointing, Mikael Enroos