Prophetic Message

Oh, My Beloved Ones, My precious children. Turn to my True Gospel made in Zion. I desire to reveal My secrets to you, if you just long enough, if you just thirst enough… I can not feed the satisfied. I can just feed the hungry ones! Get hungry and I will start to reveal you more of My secrets, more of My ways.

Don’t lose your focus! Prioritize My Kingdom. Do not be busy with your own life. Place Me, your Elohim, and My Kingdom on the very first place in your life. You will be surprised by the results.

I desire to speak to you. I desire to reveal My True Name to you. I am longing to open My treasuries to you if you just humble yourself and separate time for Me. I will not cry loud, I will not cry loud. Quiet your heart before Me and I will reveal My deep secrets to you.