We are just entering Yom Teruah (Feast of the Trumpets) and the seventh biblical month with three significant biblical feasts of YHWH. The Month of ELUL, the 6th month of Yahweh`s Calendar is just ending. This month is also called the Month of repentance, mercy and reconciliation as it leads to Yom Teruah and Yom HaKippurim (The Day of Atonement). Before entering the Day of Atonement we have a special spiritual season for Teshuvah, Repentance. Teshuvah (Hebr.) means repent, return, an answer, to be restored. Teshuvah means also an answer to some guestion, and truly Teshuvah is an answer to every question! If you have wronged someone, you ask for forgiveness and make restitution. If someone has wronged you, you forgive. This month is actually marked by humility towards those you have wronged and the humility to forgive those who have wronged you.

In 2.Chr. 7:14 Yahweh promises if My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

To Humble means surrender. We need to surrender YHWH, the King of the Universe and to return to Him if we want to get revival. Returning to Yahweh will give the revival though in the middle of judgment. Our first return is to return to Elohim (God) Himself and return to His ways. We desperately need to re-discover the Hebrew Holy Scriptures, Israel and Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).

During this month of ELUL in Yahweh`s calendar He spoke to me in a serious message for His servants. Read it with the Fear of Yahweh in your heart and act accordingly. Father has started to deal with His servants in a serious matter.

Replacement Theology can never produce purity but will always produce uncleanness and hypocrisy because of its rotten root. The root manifests through impurity which people have no authority over. Sin is not able to be hidden anymore because the judgment has already begun in the house of Elohim (1 Peter 4:17). The Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) will reveal hidden sins starting with His servants.

It is time to get real. If you do not have the fear of YHWH in your life, you are in great trouble. The false “grace” gospel is like a house built of hay. It will be destroyed by the winds of this End-time. Grace will not be there to save it, because it has a wrong structure given over to destruction. Every man hearing Yeshua’s word but not acting according to them are building his house on the sand (Matt. 7:26, 27).

And you are still asking what is happening to leaders and believers. I have already revealed to you the destiny of those who only listen to My words, but are not doing according to them. They will be destroyed (Matt. 7:17-23). But you are betrayed by the false “grace” gospel, which is not the Gospel of My Kingdom. The false doctrine claims that nothing bad will happen and the grace will always save you. That is not the Message of My Kingdom.

I will sharpen My preachers. If they are not willing to let the sword go through their own heart they will be cut off. Now it is really the final time to repent from every dead deed, selfish motives, every evil desire and fleshly ambitions (2 Tim. 3). Give up your fleshly lifestyle and start to fear Adonai (Lord). Bow your knees before Him in reverence and let His fire burn away everything that is not pleasing Him. Tremble before His Throne and His Word (Isaiah 66:2). Let the fear of YHWH fill you so that you cannot sin anymore.

My Bride is My true Army. I do not have any other army. The Bride has the weapon of Purity in her right hand and the crown of Righteousness on her head. She is set-apart for Me, and Me only. None of the desires of the world has any place in her. My people, it is time for cleansing and purity. The Heavenly mikveh (purification) is awaiting you. Be Qodesh (Holy) for I am Qodesh (1.Peter 1:16).

Prophet Sanna Yerushalayim Enroos


What is Replacement Theology?

In the 4th century Congregation (Body of Messiah) divorced itself from its Jewish Roots through the Council of Nicea. Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official Religion of Eastern Roman Empire and promised the Congregation total peace from all persecution with one condition: The Congregation needed to separate itself from everything Jewish and replace all its Jewish customs, like Shabbat, feasts, purity and Torah laws with pagan customs, days and feasts. The Christians were totally separated from the Jews and all Jewish the Congregation was left Gentile.

The name of Yeshua was replaced with name Jesus, to sound more familiar to the sun worshippers who worshipped Zeus. Shabbat was replaced with Sunday, the day when Sun is worshipped according the custom of Emperor Constantine and entire Rome. All Biblical Feasts of YHWH were replaced with different pagan feast with unholy customs. Passover / Pesach with Easter, which is a pagan feast for the goddess Ishtar and Sukkot with Christmas, which is Roman pagan celebration called Saturnalia, the winter witchcraft solstice celebration. Israel was replaced with Church. The Church is the new Israel inheriting the blessings and God is angry with the Jews, so they have inherited the curses spoken in the Old Testament.