Dreams is God’s secret languish (Matt 1:20-23). They are several types of dreams. We offer one of the most advanced School of Dreams & Visions for you to understand your dreams. For more info Click here


God gives visions to people and it is a powerful way to communicate with the richness of what pictures and “movies” of the Spirit can give (Joel 2:28). For you who wants to develop to interpret visions by the Spirit click here


A Prophetic word will release much strenght, encouragement and comfort (1 Cor 14:3). Through prophecy you are abled to make a powerful warfare and stand in faith (1 Tim 1:18). Write down the prophecies you receive,  go back to them and connect with what the God have said to you.


Rhema; God’s voice is filled with Spirit and life (Joh 6:63), it gives you opportunities of change. Obedience to the rhema of God will result in tremendous things in your life. For you to develop your “hearing skills we recommend you to join The Prophet’s Tabernacle, Click here


The key of Abraham (Gen 12:13) will unlock true endtime edge to your spiritual life. Based of this key the Nations will be judged. We need to stand for Israel like never before and pray peace over Jerusalem (Ps 122:6).  To come into an international mobilisation and more understanding click here. School of Reformation in Swedish apply here

4th Night Watch

4th Night Watch (3am-6am) is the golden opportunity to receive the mysterious of God to open up (Eph 3:5). To make tactical spiritual warfare that change your life dramatically. Job 38:12-13 “Command your day and make the dawn to know it’s place”. More information and to be part of the powerful 4th Night Watch Victory Prayer meetings click here

Instructions Manual for The EliYah 2.0

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