This Dance Ministry is very different from others. All the way it has been born out of the heart of the Father. It has been brought forth through the prophetic and apostolic with the deep connection to our true roots from Zion. ABBA Father has breathed out this dance for HIS PURPOSE upon the Earth. HE has initiated it to bring Shekinah Glory for HIS KINGDOM.

My Dance is not a man-made thing. It is all the way downloaded from Heaven. The Dance He has given to me is fully born out of HIS mighty power. That is a sign of my dance`s divine origin. I am not even able to dance without His Anointing.

Many people have been touched by this miracle dance ministry. The focus is to bring people to the Presence of Yahweh. There is nothing more precious than to get people under the cloud of Glory where all their needs are filled. Through powerful dance services miracles, healings, inner healings, deliverances and restoration is been released. Proclamations, prophetic intercession and spiritual warfare are essential parts of this dance ministry. Many lives have changed!

Dance is a powerful weapon when it is ANOINTED. Dance pleases HIM when it is done in PURITY and HOLINESS. Dance pleases HIM when it is done in the Ruach HaKodesh. Then it will also carry a special presence from above. His presence is following those who please Him!

Israel has always been a strong power source for my dance. The roots of our faith are in Zion and out of those roots the anointing is flowing freely. We are Grafted into the Olive Tree dancing as the Hebrews did when Israel won a victory. We are dancing like the prophet`s students during the time of Elisha when they were specially trained for their call to be prophets. We are dancing like Yeshua when He rejoiced in His Spirit about ABBA`s wisdom. We are dancing like David when he led the entire nation of Israel to a new season, level and the apostolic order by totally letting the Spirit of Yah take over. We are dancing for Jerusalem and praying for its welfare and Shalom.

Satan hates anointed dance because he knows he needs to leave. Darkness will tremble before true authority and the name of Yeshua. Yahweh will restore all things before Yeshua comes back. His Bride who has separated herself from the world and made herself ready in holiness will dance with Him. The bride will love the set-apart (holy) dance. Only true purity in a dancer’s heart will ordinate authority to be executed in the Name of our Jewish Messiah, Yeshua. Authority will make dance to a spiritual weapon. It is extremely useful for intercession, warfare and deliverance. A man suffering for 26 years of the spirit of a snake was delivered during our service. Powerful things have happened when this divine combination of movement, flags and music has been used to serve the Most High God.

by Prophet Sanna Enroos

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    Please, see youtube: Růže šáronská
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