This message of waiting for YHWH came to me in the end of this summer (2018) when I had been diligently seeking His face for several months. He spoke to me about the importance of seeking Him and His face instead of His answers and instructions for different issues. He started to speak to me like this: I am satisfied with you, because you have learned to wait for Me and seek My face. That has been the priority in my life for the last months, according to His instructions.
To come in His order we must seek HIM and not things from Him. Yahweh is the Jealous El (God) and He wants to have our hearts totally (Ex.34:14). He will do whatever is needed to get our attention and even more, our whole hearts. If there is anything you are holding back from Him, that must be offered and given away. In these days He is asking His people to offer their “Isaacs”. He want to see us putting Him in the FIRST place in our lives. That requires offerings of many kind. He is asking us to seek His face, Him as a King, which truly means seeking for His Kingdom.
And YHWH continued to speak:
Waiting for Me is one of the most difficult parts of the ministry. Many servants are failing at it. They are scared to stop doing and to seek Me deeply for their next step. It is a lot easier to do things than to stop doing everything. It requires humbleness and dependency. Dead persons are depending on Me because they have no life without Me. 

Working for Me is not seeking Me. Seeking Me requires the change of priorities. It is not about seeking instructions from Me but seeking My very being. That is seeking for My Kingdom. 

Ministers are so busy and they never cease from doing things. I am longing to see them make Me their only priority. Many are afraid that everything will break down and stop if they would do that. They run through Shabbats and Appointed Times unable to cease from doing, thinking and planning. That is not My rest for My people. 
Many of My servants are never truly entering into the Shabbat rest. I am so sorrowful about that. That is a sign that they do not really desire Me and My Kingdom. Many are operating in spiritual gifts but they never know Me deeply. I have tried to reach out to them with an outstretched arm but they are too busy to receive Me. My love requires Me and I need to stop My servants in one way or another. My Berakah (Blessing) in full measure can only come if I am worshiped as the Only One in people’s hearts. 
Prophet Sanna Yerushalayim Enroos