Yeshua visited us for 20 minutes and shared about the revival that will never stop

Since 2006 Yeshua (Jesus) appears regulary on Bishop Mikael Enroos meetings. This visitation happened during a Shabbath. Yeshua came upon the Sukkah (Tabernacle), we had built for Sukkot (Feast of the Tabernacles). He stretched His hand upon the Sukkah and started to speak into our lives. After speaking to every single participant of the meeting in a very specific and personal way, Yeshua spoke the following words:

Role model for the Nations

I will send right people into this place. But it will not be now. When I start to send them, you will all recognize them in the Spirit, that God has sent them. I will not allow the attacks that you have gone through for many years to come again. I have given you wisdom to close doors to the devil and open the door to the right people. The thing you are going to do, says the Lord, will be so different, so different. Sometimes you think, is this from the Lord, I have never heard anyone doing things like this. But I will confirm it by signs and wonders. I will confirm it by my presence. Be bold, because the model you are creating these days, will be a role model to the nations. You have kept the Spirit. You have kept the Truth. You have kept the things that are precious to me, says the Lord. You have gone through strong persecution and lies against you. Because you have done this I will reward you. I will reward all of you to creating a role model of a ministry, that will be able to overcome any principality in this world. I will give you everything.

Over one night they will understand

You will be surprised how many will receive me as a Jew. You will be surprised how many truly want to have the Roots, the Roots from Israel. You will be surprised how many is thirsting about the Truth. I have millions and millions and millions and millions around the world that do not receive the nourishment I have for them. But you will come in the right time with the right message with the right release of the anointing, over one night. Over one night they will understand what they are looking for. They will never leave this path again. Because you will lead them to Israel and to Me, because I am the Messiah of Israel.

I call you to the last reformation

When you come they will be changed over one night and they will never go back again to the path they have walked. So many millions that are dry, that have no life. And they cry out to Me, they cry out to me, they do not understand the Word, they try, but they are bound by the traditions of the man. But when they hear you, they will be changed over one night. And they will never go back again. I call you to the last reformation, that I have for the nations of this world.

End time Revival that will never stop

I call you to stand up for Me and for Israel like never before. I call you to the End Time Revival, that will not stop, but will continue until the day My Father send me to get you all. I call you to change history! To step into Revival that will never stop. I have cried so many times for the Revivals I have sent to the world. They all stopped. I call you to walk in the Revival that will never stop.

The Lord got up on His white horse

Right now, I see the Lord, how He takes His white horse and he is riding to the next place He will visit. The same power that was released, when He hold His hand upon the Sukkah, remains here. Because the Lord, by stretching His hand, released His power and anointing, that will stay with us. It will not leave us, but it will stay with us.

Remodelling of prophecies geographically

Bishop Mikael: The Holy Spirit is reminding me, about the thing He spoke to me, when I started Kraftkällan (Power Source). He said like this: It does not matter, whatever miracles you will have, you will not have revival in this land. That happened before I started, but He still wanted me to start. Thinking of all those conditional promises and prophecies that came about healing revival, all those words from the Throne of God. All those words are from Heaven. I can see right now how angels are discussing with each other about all those prophecies that were spoken during the mighty healing wave that we had. Where people traveled from seven different countries to receive divine healing. The Holy Spirit wants to remind and say to us, that those prophecies are not forgotten. Angels has given a permission to form those prophecies and redirect them, somehow. God has given that permission. Prophecies have like a map with some dates. It looks like angels are shifting thing in the prophecy. Prophecies will take place, but I do not know how. Prophecies will be fulfilled, but I am not sure if this will happen in Sweden. I saw all those prophecies about shaking the government and hospitals and healing revival.

Prophet Sanna: All those maps filled with prophecies will follow us where ever we go. Amen. That is not bound to a place or time. I saw a vision that there was borders in Sweden, but not the Swedish borders, and those borders squeezed out the flag of Israel from this nation. That is the main reason why the prophecies cannot to be fulfilled in this nation. Those borders were also squeezing the heads of the prophets out from this nation. I believe this is the reason for maps to be moved.

Ministries that have a strong connection to Israel will receive angels from Israel

Bishop Mikael: Now I can see another angel, I have not seen before. This is a very big one, around six or seven meters long. It is so powerful, it is hard to look at it. This is a new angel send to us for our ministry. That angel came from Israel. Right now, the Lord is sending angels that has been activated and preparing in Israel. The Lord is sending angels that are strongly connected to Israel. Ministries that have a strong connection to Israel will receive those angels from Israel. Those angels have been commanded by the Lord to be in these ministries. I can hardly look at this angel, because He is so bright. This is an upgrade. This means also a huge development in protection in the realm of the Spirit to all of us. I looked at this angel, and it is from special forces that is handling the Islamic spirits. The angel is skillfully having an authority over Islamic spirit and those who are in the Babylonian Religiosity System. So, we will have 100% protection. This angel is hearing from Gabriel, because Gabriel is special messenger angel to Israel. Timely this angel we have been given will occasionally hear from Gabriel what he is saying. It will be downloaded to us, it will be given to us. It will be strategic very important information. So, this is an angel of war, who at the same time releases messages. This could only happen after Yeshua Himself put His hand upon the Sukkah. Amen.